Pace: Clinton Foundation Questions Not ‘Just a Partisan Attack’

Associated Press White House Correspondent Julie Pace stated that questions regarding the Clinton Foundation aren’t “just a partisan attack” on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Pace said, “a few weeks ago when you ask the Clinton campaign about issues related to the foundation, you would basically get comments back that would say, ‘oh, this is just partisan attacks, this doesn’t matter.’ Now, you’re seeing the campaign, in a very robust way, pushing back, and I think the only thing that we can take away from that is that they see these numbers just like all of us are and see that this isn’t just a partisan attack. This is being reported far and wide now. This is something that they can’t just let slide. They have to deal with it. The question that I have, when you look at these numbers, and you talk about whether people think that their president is honest and trustworthy, these numbers are not good for Hillary Clinton. And yet you don’t see any other Democrats come stepping in to try to fill this void at this point.”

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