Hillary Still Not Ready: Formal Campaign Launch ‘Delayed Indefinitely’ 

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Hillary Clinton is still not ready for her formal presidential launch.

According to Politico, after Clinton officially announced her candidacy on April 12 with a YouTube video, campaign officials said that a “traditional big-picture speech and rally outlining Clinton’s vision for the country’s future and her reason for running” would follow in May.

Clinton is apparently still figuring out what her vision is, why she wants to be president, and the rationale for her candidacy since that formal rollout has now been “delayed indefinitely” and pushed back until at least June, according to the report.

Her rollout has been rocked and big-footed by the numerous revelations about influence peddling and possible pay-to-play donations to the Clinton Foundation in Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer’s blockbuster Clinton Cash book.

Mainstream media outlets have confirmed and expanded upon Schweizer’s research that delved into the numerous instances in which individuals and foreign entities may have sought favors from Clinton and her State Department by paying Bill Clinton millions in speaking fees and donating millions to the Clinton Foundation.

Her private email scandal and the numerous reports of shady donations to her family’s Clinton Foundation from repressive Middle Eastern regimes have also clouded her campaign. And Clinton has been in no hurry to address these scandals, speaking instead to pre-selected “everyday people” at various campaign events in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.

Clinton avoided the press for a month before finally taking five questions on Tuesday, which increased the number of questions she has answered from the press since announcing her candidacy to a grand total of 18. Clinton will be in Iowa and New Hampshire this week and will also head to South Carolina later in the month.

Politico noted that Clinton will devote more time to fundraising this month while “important planks of Clinton’s policy platform are still being fleshed out.”

So far, Clinton has swerved to the left on a variety of issues, including immigration, calling for a “full and equal” path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and vowing “to go even further” than President Barack Obama on executive amnesty. She has called for an end to “mass incarceration,” slammed hedge fund managers, declared that gay marriage is a constitutional right and spoken about “income inequality” and “reshuffling the deck.”

But her “scattershot policy pronouncements” have left political observers and USA Today to recently ask, “Why is Clinton running?”


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