Obama Seeks to Handcuff Police in the Wake of Ferguson, Baltimore Riots

AP Photo
AP Photo

Democratic Florida Rep. Alan Grayson is on top of the world today after President Obama “adopted” his amendment to “against police militarization.”

 Obama has ordered his federal government to stop issuing certain military items to law enforcement because of the public perception that by using military equipment, law enforcement officers would look more like an “occupying force,” instead of the less intimidating Keystone cop appearance.

 As you all know, this order came down in direct response to last year’s Ferguson riots, which occurred after a white police officer shot and killed a black man after he attacked that officer.

 Police were criticized for flexing their riot-control muscles when they drove up to the Ferguson riots in armored military personnel carriers, all while wearing military-inspired riot gear.

 While Obama may not realize that he himself, nor his weak and ineffectual foreign policy does not those frighten radical Islamists hell-bent in killing us, the sight of dozens of military gear-wearing law enforcement officers arriving to disperse rioters is pretty darn intimidating to anyone.

 The intimidation factor plays a big role when it comes to helping police calm these kinds of situations. Not to mention, the military gear also serves to protect law enforcement from the occasional bullet fired against them, and any Molotov cocktail or brick thrown at them.