Rev. Al Sharpton Blames Texas Flooding on God, HVAC


Reverend Al Sharpton has some deep thoughts about the natural disaster that has killed at least 17 people in Texas and Oklahoma in the past week. In a tweet sent out Wednesday, Sharpton wondered whether the disaster was “God’s rebuke” or the result of “climate control.”

In addition to his TV show on MSNBC, Sharpton hosts a radio show called “Keeping It Real” for his own National Action Network. On Wednesday, Sharpton invited his followers to call the show with their take on his question of the day:

As Sharpton sees it, there are two options for what caused the flooding in Texas. Option #1 is “God’s rebuke.” Sharpton doesn’t quite say God killed all those people in a flood to teach us a lesson, but that seems to be the implication of the word rebuke. It’s not clear what that lesson was exactly. Maybe the lesson is that they shouldn’t vote Republican?

But Sharpton doesn’t put the whole disaster on God. Option #2 is “climate control.” Climate control is generally used as shorthand for an HVAC system, i.e. heating and air-conditioning. Either Al is alleging some sort of weather-control conspiracy straight out of a schlocky sci-fi movie, or he meant to say climate change.

CNN’s Jake Tapper highlighted Sharpton’s bizarre tweet Thursday:

As for climate change, you’d think Sharpton could remember the name of the thing President Obama says is the greatest threat to mankind’s future. Then again, using words to communicate has never really been Sharpton’s strong suit.