Listen to Sen. Sessions, Duncan Hunter, Steve Russell and Other Conservatives: President Obama Can’t Be Trusted


President Obama can’t be trusted to negotiate a condo in Cleveland or a couch off Craigslist, let alone a trillion dollar trade deal that could impact millions of workers. But many Republicans in Washington think we can trust him to negotiate a new trade deal with Asia. Haven’t we learned our lesson?

I applaud the hard work by Senator Jeff Sessions and other conservatives who are standing strong against President Obama and fighting for American workers. The TPA trade deal is a blank check, Trojan horse for President Obama, and Republicans in Congress need to open up their eyes. I have absolutely no idea why some in Congress think we can “take Obama’s word for it.” What will it take for Republicans to realize that President Obama can’t be trusted? Washington needs to listen to Senator Sessions, Duncan Hunter, Steve Russell and other conservatives: Obama can’t be trusted.

We have seen what happens when factories shut down and families struggle to make ends meet. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon and I wasn’t endowed with a trust fund. But I did have a healthy trust that God would create opportunities. I also know that shipping jobs overseas, destroying American manufacturing and making China rich is no way to fuel an economy, build strong families, or keep America safe.

The Obama administration has fooled, failed, and deceived the American people for far too long, and Republicans needs to wake-up to this classic game of bait-and-switch before it’s too late. Senator Sessions and others conservatives are calling Obama’s bluff and Republicans need to take their advice. From ObamaCare and immigration to Iranian negotiations, new gun mandates, and runaway government czars, President Obama simply cannot be trusted to protect America’s workers.

Everywhere I go, I talk to hard-working Americans that have been locked-out of a dysfunctional Washington that cares more about Wall Street insiders and interest groups than Main Street American jobs. The ObamaTrade secret trade deal is more of the same Washington nonsense.

Since 2000, America has lost 5 million manufacturing jobs and seen 60,000 manufacturing plants closed. Since 1990, our trade deficit has mushroomed to nearly $11 trillion. Giving more power to a President who has abused his power with unlawful and overreaching executive orders makes as much sense as giving car keys and a bottle of whiskey to an alcoholic who doesn’t know how to drive.

I also cannot understand why Republicans think we should outsource vast chunks and control of our economy to foreign diplomats, regulators, judges, and tribunals. We’ve already outsourced millions of American jobs to Asia, isn’t that enough? Call me old-fashioned, but giving foreign judges and diplomats the power to enforce the law and overrule American voters is unconstitutional and un-American.

On Friday, Republicans in Washington have a choice: stand up for American workers or trust President Obama. I hope they make the right decision.

Mike Huckabee served as Arkansas governor for 10 years and is a GOP presidential candidate.


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