SCOTUS Socializes Healthcare

Jessica Ellis
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Let the legal and political analysis begin. There will even be conspiracies. I’ll do plenty of coverage on my SiriusXM radio show. First, my personal response.


I have compassion for those like me who opposed the socialization of healthcare. Millions of Americans know this is wrong on many levels. The history of socialist failure globally supports this.

Lack of compassion

I’m covered; so are most of those nearest and dearest to me, family and friends. Multiple and combined tragedies aside, we will survive or have the means to help each other.

I have no compassion for those who supported Obamacare or, for some reason, did not oppose it. Life sometimes requires hard lessons.

Here’s lesson one with Obamacare. The young and invincible, aka the funding mechanism, will not change generations of behavior because of law. They are not now and will not in future buy healthcare insurance to support those who, as they age, will have growing healthcare needs. Call this a well established fact of life and a consistently accurate generalization.

Let the political and legal gamesmanship begin anew. In time, Americans will come to learn what Great Britain, Greece, Venezuela, Cuba and others have.

Socialism does not work.


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