CNN’s Toobin on Trump Suit: No Provision for Univision to Withdraw, ‘Not a Frivolous Lawsuit’

On Tuesday’s “AC360” on CNN, host Anderson Cooper asked network legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin about the merits of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Univision after the network withdrew its Spanish-language coverage of Trump’s Miss USA pageant on July 12.

In the $500 million lawsuit, Trump claimed Univision is obligated to carry the pageant. Based on a copy of the contract provided to Toobin by Trump, the real estate mogul may have a case against Univision.

“I’ve seen the contract,” Toobin said. “And there is no provision in there as there are in a lot of personal services type contracts. You know, ‘We can get rid of you for moral turpitude or embarrassing behavior.’ There is nothing like that.”

Toobin said he anticipated Trump and Univision would settle before the case went to trial, but added Trump’s effort wasn’t “frivolous.”

“Look, I don’t think this case will go to trial,” he added. “I assume it will settle like most of these lawsuits settle. But it is not a frivolous lawsuit it appears. And it just is further grist for him saying, ‘You want to mess with me. I’ll show you I fight back.’ And he’s fighting back.”

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