Huckabee Calls Out Huffington Post and Wash Post Over Sloppy Reporting

Mike Huckabee
Theo Stroomer/Getty Images

GOP presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee is using Facebook to poke fun at the Washington Post “Fact Checker,” giving it the coveted “Four Pinocchios.”

Huckabee joined Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday where Tapper played a clip of Gov. Mitt Romney who commented on fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s controversial immigration comments he made during his presidential announcement.

“The Huffington Post then posted a story that attributed Romney’s quotes to Governor Huckabee. Huffington Post even included a video link to ‘Huckabee’s comments’ but the video was of Mitt Romney,” Huckabee posted to Facebook. “Not to be outdone, the Washington Post then ran their own version, but used HuffPo’s copy virtually verbatim and clearly failed to do ANY “fact checking.'”

He concluded, “So, for sloppy, lazy, and fact-less reporting, the Huckabee Fact Checkers award WaPo 4 Pinocchios!”

Neither the Huffington Post nor the Washington Post reached out to Huckabee for comment prior to reporting about the CNN interview.


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