Father Pfleger Suing Chicago Communities over Gun Stores


On July 6, Father Pfleger and St. Sabina Church announced they will be suing the communities of Riverdale, Lyons, and Lincolnwood for the presence of gun stores in those communities, which Pfleger believes are not monitored closely enough.

According to ABC 7, the suit alleges that “nearly 20 percent of guns recovered from crime scenes in Chicago are purchased at gun shops in those three villages.” And this necessarily means one of the chief goals of the suit is to test the waters in holding gun stores liable not only for how guns are sold and to whom, but also how guns are used once someone passes a background check and leaves the store with their new firearm.

The lawsuit is being filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court.

News of this suit came one month to the day after Pfleger blamed Chicago’s skyrocketing homicide rate on the NRA instead of gang activities and what Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) sees as absentee parenting. Pfleger pledged that the “NRA will pay for the murder of [Chicago] children.”

Nine days later, Pfleger took to the microphone again to call for a ban on “high capacity” magazines and a gun registration scheme that would force gun owners to “title guns like cars.”

He did not explain how any of these proposals would stop criminals from continuing the kinds of rampages that marred Chicago’s Fourth of July weekend with 10 killed and 55 wounded. One of those killed was a 7-year-old boy who was an unintended target in an alleged gang-related shooting.

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