Arizona Chamber of Commerce: ‘Dump the Trump’


The Arizona Chamber of Commerce says it wants to “Dump the Trump,” claiming that presidential contender Donald Trump “will never make the cut.”

In his weekly column, president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber Glenn Hamer called Trump’s comments about Mexico “despicable” and indicative of “an individual who, despite his billions, is astonishingly ignorant about Mexico, trade and immigration.”

Hamer’s outpouring of criticism against Trump – who is now leading the pack of GOP hopefuls – comes as Trump is scheduled to be in Arizona Saturday to give a speech about immigration alongside the state’s most famous outspoken sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Trump has had to change venues, however, from the smaller Arizona Biltmore resort in Phoenix to the Phoenix Convention Center, where his campaign is expecting at least 5,000 people in attendance. Hundreds more are reportedly on a waiting list to get into the event.

Hamer’s attack on Trump is consistent with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s wholehearted support of amnesty for illegal immigrants – a way for big business in the United States to enjoy years of cheap labor within the country itself.

Speaking about Arizona, Hamer writes, “Our bonds with Mexico are more than just economic. We have family ties that span the border, student exchanges, and shared cultural connections.”

Hamer said the chamber learned on a recent trade mission that: “North America is the greatest current and future economic region of the world. We have great wealth and vibrant, liberal democratic institutions guided by the rule of law.”

Though he admits the U.S. needs to work on securing its borders, Hamer continued hammering Trump.

“What Trump is doing will not earn him his party’s nomination,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, his rambling, pompous hyperbole could keep him high enough in the polls to get to the debate stage.”

Hamer put forward the meme that is typical of the establishment Republican Party – that the GOP can win much of the Latino vote if it just supports amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“Last cycle, the GOP got a mere 25 percent of the Latino vote,” Hamer warned. “I believe the party’s field is rich with quality candidates who will dramatically raise that percentage in 2016. Donald Trump is not one of them.”


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