EXCLUSIVE–Sarah Palin to Congress: ‘Stop the Madness’ of Obama’s Surrender to Iran

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Don’t say it’s unbelievable. Of course it’s believable. This is the world we live in today under American leadership that would surrender Israel’s security and our own.

Don’t say it’s unbelievable. When Barack Obama warned voters he would “fundamentally transform America” and they voted for him anyway – twice – what was once the most powerful office in the world crumbled under perverted political ambition.

I’ve always said, “We can survive this President, but can we survive the people who voted for him a SECOND time?” But after today, do you believe there is assurance we will survive this President? His wink and a nod to an evil regime hell-bent on destroying us just made his “fundamental transformation” job a whole lot easier.

We must build up the foundation again; rebuild the wall protecting our – and Israel’s – sovereignty. There are 554 days until we do that, by fundamentally restoring America. In the meantime, Congress, stop the madness. Do your job. Veto Obama’s act of capitulation. Take the white flag of surrender out of this President’s hand.

And by the way, politicians, any of you supporting this while still sending our sons and daughters to war under the pretense of fighting threatening regimes; any of you joining the left’s group hug around Iran’s intentions, I question whether you are fit to shake the hand of a single sacrificial veteran or active duty American.

Please see this, from a friend in the heartland of our great nation:

“Obama just paved the way for Iran, the world’s most prolific state sponsor of terrorism, who has promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, who chants ‘Death to America,’ who has lied and deceived the world forever, and is the greatest offender of human-rights–TO GO NUCLEAR. That’s right. It is now just a matter of time and all but inevitable if not stopped in its tracks by our not-so-fearless representatives. I’m going to say this right now, that if Congress doesn’t shut this deal down (and I mean it better not even be close in a veto override) then I am near to losing all faith.”

– A tired patriot who has thus far refused to give up on America


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