Shannon Watts: It’s Never Too Soon To Politicize A Shooting

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Within a few hours of the July 23 shooting at Lafayette’s Grand Theatre, Shannon Watts took to Twitter to repudiate those who have tried to discourage her from immediately seizing on tragedy to promote gun control and made clear she remains dedicated to doing so regardless.

Watts is the founder of Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America.

Approximately four hours after a gunman opened fired, killing two inside the theater before taking his own life, Watts lashed out at “extremists” who wanted her to wait before politicizing the incident.

Watts tweeted: “After [a] shooting like Lafayette, gun extremists say it’s too soon to talk gunsense. After Sandy Hook I’ll never be silent again.”

Watts also mocked Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for focusing on prayer for the families torn apart by the heinous attack instead of politicizing and pushing for more gun control.

For example, as soon as news of the 911 call regarding the attack came to his attention, Jindal tweeted: “Prayers for [those in] Lafayette at Grand Theater. Talking to state police colonel about shooting in Lafayette.”

Watts responded: “Bobby Jindal: We need more than prayers: we need lawmakers to stand up to NRA so we don’t have to stand up to gunmen.” She sent another tweet that highlighted comments Jindal had made in June about “hugging” victims’ families and “praying” for victims’ families and mocked Jindal for refusing to politicize Lafayette.

Everytown for Gun Safety–another Bloomberg-funded gun control group–also mocked the respectful focus on prayer versus an immediate politicization of the tragedy.

Approximately four and a half hours after the tragic attack Everytown tweeted: “RT If you’re tired of politicians telling us that the only answer is prayer in the wake of gun tragedies. We’re ready for action.”

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