White House Cites ‘Impartial’ New York Times Editorial to Question Planned Parenthood Videos

Planned Parenthood

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest cited a New York Times editorial to defend his characterization of the video investigation of Planned Parenthood as “fraudulent.”

As reporters questioned his handling of the issue, Earnest cited the New York Times editorial as an “impartial” news source describing the videos as a “campaign of deception.”

He also cited a Mercury News editorial calling the videos “grossly misleading.”

When asked if he was using editorials, which are by definition an “opinion” item, as an impartial news source, Earnest replied, “Yes. I am.”

Earnest also cited FactCheck.org to question the videos, an organization that frequently earns ridicule from conservatives for being biased.

Earnest again cited Planned Parenthood’s assertion that they were following the “highest ethical standards.”

“It sounds like you’re saying we should just believe Planned Parenthood,” replied ABC’s White House reporter Jon Karl.

“Ultimately I think the American people will take a look at the evidence and decide for themselves,” Earnest replied.

When asked if President Obama would ever watch the videos, Earnest replied that he didn’t believe it was part of his weekend plans.


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