CNN Poll: 53% of Democrat Voters Want Someone Other Than Hillary

hillary clinton server wipe
ABC via YouTube/ Rising Response

Among Democrat voters Hillary Clinton is still the frontrunner by a comfortable margin but the trends are moving against her. For the first time in a CNN poll, Clinton has slipped below 50% support among Democrats. Only 47% say they support Clinton when offered alternatives like Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. This is a massive -9 point slide since July. The poll was also taken days before her shocking meltdown yesterday over her secret email account.

In July, Sanders was down a full -37 points against Hillary, 19% – 56%.

In less than a month that gaps has closed to just -19 points, 29% to 47%. That is a +18 gain.

Talk of Joe Biden getting in the race did nothing to move the needle for our Vice President.  In July, Biden earned the support of 15% of Democrat voters. Today Biden sits at 14%.

Martin O’Malley earns just 2% support. James Webb sits at 1%.

Among all registered voters, not just Democrats, Hillary’s favorability rating sits at a lousy 43%.

A full 55% view her unfavorably. 

Among all adults, Clinton’s favorables have collapsed to 44% – 53%, her worst showing since 2001.

In other major polling news, billionaire businessman Donald Trump is gaining on Clinton.


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