Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Scott Walker Highlight Faith and Freedom BBQ in South Carolina

Faith Freedom

Monday at the 5th Annual Faith & Freedom BBQ at the Anderson Civic Center in South Carolina, presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Gov. Scott Walker, and Dr. Ben Carson will join Republican congressman Jeff Duncan at South Carolina’s largest annual gathering of conservatives.

Starting in 2011 Duncan serves as the United States Representative for South Carolina’s 3rd congressional district. He discussed the Faith and Freedom event with  Breitbart senior investigative political reporter Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Sunday airing on Sirius XM Patriot radio on channel 125.

The conservative event started five years ago as a fundraiser for Duncan and blossomed into a major conservative forum for South Carolina. Cruz, Walker, and Carson were the three most requested candidates to share their voices.

“Were gonna have a great evening talking about conservative politics and listening to great conservative leaders. Whether they are going to be president of the United States or not, they are great leaders for this country,” he said.

Duncan looks forward to hearing from the candidates about how they are going to “make America great again. How they plan on putting Americans back to work and expanding our GDP.”

Moreover, the Clemson graduate who sits on three House committees including the Natural Resources Committee, the Homeland Security Committee, and the Foreign Affairs Committee, would like to hear from the three conservative candidates how they plan on holding GOP congressional leaders accountable for what they say on the campaign trail. He suggests that many Republican politicians jettison their political platform once they get elected. He insists that the GOP “have got to start walking the walk.” 

The conressman contends that Donald Trump leads at the polls today because he says things that resonate well with the American people: “Secure our border. No Amnesty. Do away with sanctuary cities. Make America great again. Lets put Americans back to work. Make American products.”

Instead of trashing Trump’s campaign, Duncan suggest that other candidates should be “listening to him and trying to incorporate what he is saying into their own campaigns.”

Duncan weighed in on both the Hillary Clinton email scandal and the harrowing videos recently released depicting the Planned Parenthood atrocities. 

“I think Hillary Clinton is on the ropes because she is distrustful and dishonest. She misled us on Benghazi…… now we see she had a bathroom server that she failed to turn over to the American people… she tried to hide the evidence. It’s obstruction of justice and I hope Trey Goudy really gets to the heat of it in October,” Duncan asserted. He postulates that if any other citizen did such a thing, the Feds would “swoop in so you couldn’t do anything to hide the evidence… She’s had eight months.”

Duncan assured Breitbart listeners that when congress comes back from recess in September that he will not vote for any omnibus bill or CR that funds Planned Parenthood. “We have sent a letter to the Speaker that we are willing to shut the government down to stand up for life and stand up against these egregious acts that we see on these videos where they harvest baby parts to be sold for a profit.”

Duncan finished by imploring Breitbart listeners to contact their representative and pressure them not to vote in favor of Obama’s disastrous Iran deal. “Iran is going to get $150 billion from this deal while supporting Hamas and Hezbollah. We have got to defeat this deal.”


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