Jeb: Trump Immigration Plan ‘Unrealistic,’ ‘Will Violate Civil Liberties,’ ‘Not Conservative’

Monday in Texas at the U.S.–Mexico border, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush criticized front-runner Donald Trump’s “unrealistic” immigration plan.

Bush said, “The proposal made by another candidate of building a fence based on the common sense practices that are being applied here doesn’t work. You have to have a deeper strategy than just building a fence.”

When asked specifically about Donald Trump, Bush said, “Mr. Trump’s plans are not grounded in conservative principles. It will cost hundreds millions of dollars. It is not realistic. It won’t be implemented and we need border security to be able to deal with getting this county back on track. His proposal is unrealistic. It will cost hundreds millions of dollars. It will violate people’s civil liberties. It will cause friction with our third largest trading partner that is not necessary, and I think he is wrong about this.”

He added, “Mr. Trump is a serious candidate and he ought to be held to what serious candidates need to be held account to for his views.”

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