AmSpec’s Lord on Virginia Shooter: He Didn’t Value Life, ‘Was Into a Race War’

On Thursday’s “New Day” on CNN, the American Spectator’s Jeffrey Lord reacted to an interview conducted on the same network earlier with Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and his reaction to Wednesday’s tragic shooting in Virginia.

According to Lord, there was a broader point missing beyond mental health and gun control. Instead he suggested it was a lack of attention to the value of life and he pointed to the Virginia shooter’s manifesto.

Partial transcript as follows:

CAMEROTA: Jeffrey, is that a good enough answer? I mean, obviously we all know that bad guys can always get guns. But in terms of somehow curbing gun violence, is that a good enough answer what Trump said?

LORD: Well you know, I think it is, Alisyn. I have to say — two things that are not being discussed here at all when you read this guy’s manifesto, one is race and the other is value of life. And what do we have here? We have this whole Planned Parenthood issue going on in which basically they’re selling baby parts, devaluing life.

CAMEROTA: But, how is that connected to a man who feels slighted and decides that killing other people is the answer?

LORD: Right. In other words he’s not valuing life. He didn’t value the lives of the people that he killed. And aside from that, he was into a race war. A reaction, which he mentioned, of the Charleston shooting. That guy was motivated by race. So, I’m suggesting here instead of dividing the country by race, which for instance Jorge Ramos was all about in that press conference. It’s all about the race of people. We shouldn’t be going down that path. This is a colorblind country. That was Dr. King’s goal. That’s where we should be heading. I think that is something we should be discussing as well as mental illness and guns.

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