Donald Trump Goes After Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush


Billionaire and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has delivered a political 1-2 punch to Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

During one of his heavily attended rallies in Iowa, Trump said that Jeb Bush should attack his political protégé Marco Rubio for showing him disrespect by running against him for president in 2016.

The Tampa Bay Times reports:

“People thought it was very disrespectful to a person that brought him along — slowly,” Trump said.

“If I were Bush and I brought somebody along … and all of a sudden the guy, the young guy that I brought along, said: ‘I’m running against you and it’s not my turn but I don’t care because I’m really anxious, I’m really driven’ … I would really go after that guy. I’d say ‘He’s the most disloyal guy. He’s a terrible person. He’s horrible and I hate him.’ ”

Then Trump addressed the bromance that Bush and Rubio displayed at the Fox News debate in Cleveland, Ohio.

“They’re hugging and they’re kissing and they’re holding each other. Very much like, actually, what Chris Christie did with the president.”


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