Liberals Want DNC Chairwoman to Resign

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Very much like her long-time friend and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who is losing support from the far left element of the Democratic Party, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is also receiving significant pushback from this same faction of her political party.

Members of the liberal website Democrat Underground are not all that happy with Wasserman Schultz’s ties to AIPAC, and they are suggesting that she needs to “support Obama in the Iraq Deal [sic].”

I am not quite sure what “Iraq Deal” they are referring to, perhaps they meant the Iran nuclear deal?

Yes, they meant to say the Iran deal.

The post states that Wasserman Schultz should “resign her post as head of the DNC” if she is going to support the GOP, AIPAC, and everyone else who is “aligning against Obama about Iran.”

Here’s the DU online community post:

Just heard on National Public Radio (NPR) from Nathan Guttman, who represents The Forward, which is described as one of the leading Jewish-American opinion publications for over 100 years, that Wasserman Schultz has strong ties to AIPAC, gets lots of money from them, and so, is in a bad position, because as head of our very own Democratic National Committee, she should support Obama in the Iraq Deal.

What is poor Debbie to do?

Why do we Democrats have powerful leaders and fundraisers who are split in their loyalties? It’s really hurting us and presents a void of leadership, again and again.

Fine, if Schultz wants to support the Republicans, AIPAC and those aligning against Obama about Iran, but she must resign her post as head of the DNC. She cannot ride two horses. She needs to step down.

Her Washington DC number: 202-225-7931
To fax: 202-226-2052

With Vice President Joe Biden mulling over a third presidential run in 2016, is the liberal base of the Democratic Party prepared to stay the “Obama course” and back Biden or Elizabeth Warren over Hillary Clinton?

When extreme leftist groups like are supporting anyone-but-Hillary in 2016, the writing on the wall clearly states that Democrats are at a crossroads and are facing a political “come-to-Jesus moment” as to whom they will back for president.

Could someone like HUD Secretary Julian Castro be the savior for the Democratic Party?


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