EXCLUSIVE: Democratic Socialists of America: Bernie Sanders’ Membership Was A ‘Typo’

Bernie Sanders

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) tells Breitbart News that Bernie Sanders’ reported membership in the organization is merely a typo in a local newsletter, and that Sanders has never belonged to the group.

But Vermont senator and Democratic presidential contender Sanders did speak at a promotional event for the organization, which is an offshoot of the Socialist Party of America, and party members tried to draft him for president.

“He’s never been a member,” a DSA representative named David told Breitbart News. “That would be something you would know about. We’re not hiding anything.”

Blogger Trevor Loudon Wednesday posted a page from the newsletter of the DSA’s Madison, Wisconsin chapter. The Fall 2014 newsletter invited Sanders – who spoke at a DSA event – as a member of the organization, though the newsletter also falsely referred to him as a senator from Maine, not Vermont.

“Equally important, we featured a petition to encourage Bernie Sanders – the independent Maine senator and DSA member – to run for president, collecting over 75 signatures,” the newsletter stated.

“That was a typo in that Madison newsletter,” David said. “He never even joined the Vermont Progressive Party. He’s always been an independent. That’s his MO.”

Nevertheless, the Democratic Socialists of America strongly supports Sanders’ presidential candidacy, as evidenced by this recent Web article, “#WeNeedBernie.”


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