Opposition Swells: Tea Party Leaders Pen Anti-Boehner Letter to Congressmen

House Speaker Boehner AP

In a sign of the intensified opposition swelling against House Speaker John Boehner, the United Kentucky Tea Party penned an open letter to four Republican Kentucky Congressmen expressing their hope that the Congressmen join Rep. Mark Meadows in his effort to oust Boehner.

“Tea Party leaders in Kentucky have been sorely disappointed with a severe lack of Conservative leadership on the part of Speaker John Boehner,” the letter states.

The leaders then articulated a long list of list grievances ranging from the Speaker’s “support for the CRomnibus bill, to continued funding of Obamacare, to support and funding of President Obama’s unconstitutional immigration plan.”

“Republicans were given the majority in both houses last November in order to oppose President Obama’s unconstitutional agenda,” the leaders declare. “Instead, Speaker Boehner has supported President Obama’s over[r]each and has refused to engage to stop President Obama.”

The letter was sent to Kentucky Republican Reps. Brett Guthrie, Hal Rogers, Ed Whitfield and Andy Barr. The Tea Party leaders did not send the letter to Republican Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie, who already voted against Speaker Boehner in January of this year.


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