EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Will Address Veterans at USS Iowa Battleship

AP Photo/Richard Vogel
AP Photo/Richard Vogel

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is joining Veterans for a Strong America to “Make America’s Military Great Again” and deliver remarks on foreign policy ahead of the second GOP primary debate next week in California.

President of Veterans for a Strong America Joel Arends spoke exclusively to Breitbart News about Trump’s planned event next Tuesday with the veterans’ organization.

He will address the crowd on foreign policy and speak on veterans’ issues at the USS Iowa Battleship Museum in Los Angeles, California.

“Donald Trump was invited to speak because he is connecting and resonating with veterans on several levels,” Arends told Breitbart News. He said Trump is “plainspoken and authentic.”

“In the military, you have to deliver the goods. Donald Trump is somebody who, in his business career, has produced results. Veterans connect with people who have to deliver results,” Arends explained.

He went on to say that military members – especially veterans – have seen how the political class has failed to fix the VA.

“Donald Trump’s no-nonense business success, as opposed to previous elected experience, is seen as a solution to fixing these chronic problems in government.”

Arends stressed that veterans want to see a commander in chief who displays courage:

That means having a president that won’t back down when confronted by this nation’s enemies. Over the last six years, the current president cut and ran from Iraq, leaving a vacuum that led to the rise of ISIS, failed to enforce his redline with Syria, and is now resulting in mass exodus of refugees across Europe and cut a horrible nuclear deal with Iran, a country that is responsible for killing at least 500 American troops.

He concluded, “Vets want to know two things: will he be a commander in chief that will take care of our troops while on the battlefield and when they get home?”

Veterans for a Strong America is a non-profit organization that stresses the importance of a strong military. The proceeds from the event will go to supporting military men and women – not to any specific candidate.


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