Study; 482 Extra Murder Victims Amid Obama’s Anti-Cop Campaign

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFP
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFP

Only 482 extra Americans have been shot, stabbed, clubbed or kicked to death in 59 large cities since President Barack Obama launched his media-pumped campaign to delegitimize and federalize state and local police forces, according to an new analysis by the website.

The toll was calculated by the green-eyeshade reporters at the non-partisan website. The site “compiled 2015 homicide data for nearly all of the 60 biggest cities… [showing] there has been an increase in homicides this year in big U.S. cities of about 16 percent,” the side reported, under the incongruous headline, “Scare Headlines Exaggerated The U.S. Crime Wave.”

Blogger Steve Sailer, a former data-crunching market analyst, did the math, and revealed the numerical death toll as 482 extra dead, including 77 extra dead in Baltimore and 60 extra dead in St. Louis.

“In these 59 cities, the total number of homicides in 2014 through approximately August 8, 2014 was 2,955… the total number of homicides [in 2015] has been 3,437 for an increase of 482 more dead human beings,” Sailer wrote.

The progressives at the site tried to downplay the death toll. “While a 16 percent increase in U.S. major-city homicides is statistically significant, it comes after decades of declines — the murder rate fell by more than half nationally from its peak in 1980 to 2012,” said the article, which tactfully did not mention the death total, nor the race of the dead.

However, FBI records show that half of the nation’s murder victims are black. If that percentage applies to the new murder data, Obama’s anti-cop campaign has coincided with the death of 241 African-Americans.

That’s 241 times as many African-Americans as were killed in Ferguson, Mo., on March 7, 2014, when Michael Brown was killed while attacking a police officer.

Still, some of the dead are police. At least three of the dead in New York were policemen killed by an angry African-Americans. In addition, an angry African-American killed two of his former journalist colleagues and said the killing was a justified response to their supposed racism.

Cops have blamed Obama and his political allies for some of the cop-killings and the reduced law-enforcement. “This rhetoric has gotten out of control.” said Ron Hickman, a sheriff in Harris County, Texas.

Brown’s death was used by Obama to advance his long-standing effort to centralize state and local law-enforcement under the control of the Department of Justice. After Brown’s death, he and then-Attorney General Holder amped up claims of police brutality, amid riots by local African-Americans who burned streets, wrecked the town’s economy and crashed property-values.

The same sequence occurred in Baltimore, when a black man died in a police van. During the usual riots, police stood by while local drugs pharmacies were raided, releasing a huge quantity of mind-altering drugs into the crime-plagued city. The city has now reached a record murder toll of 215.

Unfortunately for Obama’s campaign, local cops leaked evidence that has largely delegitimized claims of police abuse.

But Obama is pushing ahead with his campaign. “We have a great opportunity… to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations,” Obama said March 2, 2015, as his appointees released a draft plan for federal centralization

“I think communities [with police forces] across the board are going to need to consider… recommendations around prohibiting racial profiling [and] that’s a step that we’ve already taken at the federal level,” Obama said.

If successful, his “ObamaLaw” campaign will lobotomize independent middle-class cops and convert them into automatons operating under the distant control of upper-class progressive lawyers carrying Ivy League credentials.

In response to Democrats’ threats of federal and local investigations, police nationwide have rolled back their aggressive policing efforts that successfully slashed crime rates after the 1970s law-and-order crisis. That Democrat-caused police withdrawal — in New York, Baltimore, D.C. and other cities — is having its greatest impact on African-American communities, where murder rates have been historically high.

Crime rates spiked in the 1970s after liberal judges and politicians curbed law-enforcement. However, the public objected, and voted heavily for law-and-order candidates, such as California Gov. Ronald Reagan.

In November 2016, middle-class voters may pull the levers for GOP politicians who promise to roll back the deadly crime wave that coincides with ObamaLaw.



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