Juan Williams: Republicans Are ‘Very Fearful of Hillary Clinton’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” liberal commentator Juan Williams said the Republicans are “very fearful of Hillary Clinton” because the recent polls show that she “beats all the Republicans at this point.”

[Relevant portion begins at 5:50]

Host Chris Wallace said, “There was a story on the front page of The Washington Post today that says if the company was managing her private servers says they don’t know anything about the serve being wiped clean. They think even if she deleted the 30,000 emails about Chelsea’s wedding that they may still be retrievable that would get pretty interesting if they could find those other 30,000 emails and whether they really were private.”

Williams said, “Right, so the question is was she telling the truth when she said they were all about personal issues, as you suggested, yoga, wedding plans, all the rest. But that’s about it. I mean, so then I guess the Benghazi committee or the Republicans — who I think are very fearful of Hillary Clinton because the recent polls show that not only Hillary Clinton but Joe Biden beats all the Republicans at this point.”

He continued, “Hillary Clinton has been out there as the large, looming threat for Republicans and I think that’s why the email server scandal  has picked up with the media more than with Democrats, by the way, who still support Hillary Clinton. But you’re right, with this server now there, there’s the opportunity to go in and find out exactly all that was there. And just gosh I think it could actually help Hillary Clinton at this point.”

He added, “If there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there. what we have enjoyed for the most part so far is her e-mails with Sidney Bloomenthal, her distaste for Clarence Thomas, her — you know, all this kind of  there’s nothing, just nothing.”

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