FL Woman Arrested for Allegedly Doing Meth in Car with Baby in Her Lap

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

The Jacksonville, Florida, Sheriff’s department recently announced the arrest of a woman for smoking meth in her car, which was parked near the city’s Social Security offices. Shockingly, as she took the drug the woman’s baby was resting in her lap, police said.

Jill Waffle, 33, was parked in the lot of the Social Security Offices on Bonneval Road in Jacksonville when she was observed by another citizen who reported her activities to police.

When sheriff’s deputies found her, she allegedly had in her possession a lit meth pipe with smoke still curling from it and her 1-year-old daughter in her lap.

Sheriffs report that they asked the woman if she was doing crack, and she said she was not. But when they asked if she was smoking meth, she began to cry saying yes. Police found drugs in her purse and more in the car.

The woman told police that she is a drug addict who had “fallen off the wagon” and had fired up the pipe while her boyfriend was in the Social Security office.

Police also found the woman had a suspended drivers license.

Waffle was charged with drug possession with intent to purchase, child abuse, DUI while accompanied by a minor, and, since she was in the driver’s seat, driving on a suspended license.

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