Rebel Students Punished for Confederate Flag Clothes


Almost two dozen students at Christianburg High School in Virginia served a one-day suspension on Sept. 17 for wearing clothes carrying the Confederate rebel flag.

According to WDBJ 7, the rebel flag violates the school’s dress-code. The students were informed of the dress code violation and were given in-school suspension. But they showed up for the in-school suspension in similar clothing also violating the code.

“The students were originally put in in-school suspension. However, the students didn’t comply and were told to leave school for the day,” said Montgomery County Public Schools spokeswoman Brenda Drake.

A total of “22 or 23 students” were suspended.

In August, Christianburg High School students were told to remove Confederate flag bumper stickers from their cars.

The Supreme Court has decided in many cases that schoolkids’ free-speech can be curbed to aid the management of schools. Many additional court cases have been file to decide where the line should be drawn, and to set or limit free-speech protections for kids carrying bibles, American or foreign flags, as well as gang signs and political endorsements.

Many of the students oppose the school rules by arguing that the flag is not hostile or political, but represents part of their heritage.

Richmond, Va., was the capital city of the Confederacy from May 1861 to early April 1865.

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