Exclusive—Davi: Trump, the Lion We Need

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images
Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Okay, let’s get ready to rummmbbbblllleee!

We are approaching the most important election in our lifetime, not only because of the life threatening issues facing our nation and the world, but also because the progressive party and the media have incrementally reshaped America with policies that are distorting and twisting our country into a confederacy of special interest groups and big government codependents.

But, my fellow Americans, we must not only blame the progressives and media. More blame falls on the ineffectual, brain dead, gutless, and unimaginative GOP. That’s right – the brain dead GOP! While the progressives are merely pushing their agenda (successfully), we have a GOP who cannot even agree on choosing a Speaker of the House. Yes, even while controlling both the House and the Senate, the GOP is frozen.

There are no great visionaries, just a group of well-meaning ineffectual space holders. Over the past several decades, I have watched, listened to, and heard the March of the Wooden Soldiers, the “politicians” in DC living off our hard earned money without the will or ability to defend the American values many hold dear. They remain complacent in those halls of our government, fattened and being led to the slaughter. Oh, sure I have listened to polished and practiced speeches with plans and dismays and outrage and promises and then nothing – nothing! not even good compromise – happens.

We are at a crisis now. Take the elephant in the room: immigration. Jeff Sessions says that immigration in our country is at critical mass. Over 63 million people speak a language other then English in their homes. Eventually America will not be a “Shining City on a Hill,” but a country ripped apart by the confusion of not being assimilated. We get sung the same old song of guilt – “We are a Nation of Immigrants, Hallelujah!” Well, my grandparents were immigrants; so I understand this very well, believe me. But I also understand that today’s immigrants are used as pawns by the progressives and are not given any incentive to assimilate. They are not encouraged to be educated in American values. Today, the mantra in our schools is not “God Bless America,” but “God Damn America.” Today, multiculturalism is taking over our nation, and we are slowly losing our American identity. “E pluribus unum” has been replaced by the divisive chant of one group’s special interests over another. Education has not educated, but indoctrinated. Socialist principles are failing all over the world. Europe is in free fall about to be overtaken. Corruption is at the very root of all bureaucracies. Detroit, once a hub, a vital cultural and industrial destination, sits ignored like a decayed tooth. All over America we find cities gasping for breath. Our infrastructure and culture is collapsing. Termites are eating the foundation of America, and no one wants to tent the house to save it.

Politicians have skirted the issue of immigration for years and instead pander in order to capture a voting bloc tipping the balance in their favor. That was until June when a brash upstart came along and framed the issues more intensely and honestly and got the attention of the whole country. He spoke truth instead of feeding comfort food to the populace, the technique used when people say things to make you feel better, as though all will be okay while in reality your pocket is being picked both financially and emotionally. Comfort food is what politicians feed the American people. Whether it’s coming from Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or any of the other GOP presidential candidates, we sit and listen and are fed a line of dung that we swallow whole. But then someone came along who is not a people pleaser. He is a doer. He is the kind of personality that built this country – a builder who has not spent his time trying to be loved, but is efficient and direct; and whether you like him or not, he’s in this race for president because, like many of us, he remembers the values that brought our country together. He’s a leader who can inspire.

Enter Trump who created a storm with politically incorrect statements. He tells it like it is; and while some of his statements may make some cringe, he is riveting, authentic, and understands how to deliver a message. Let me be clear: many of the candidates are good, well-meaning, and qualified folks, but I just do not think they have the ability to get America back on course. I have deeply analyzed politics and politicians for many years. Some of you may ridicule me as an actor, but I suggest you read my articles over the last 12 years. As I see it, there is no better candidate to bring America back than Donald Trump.

Let’s go down the list.

Trump’s immigration plan, while intense, is needed, and I’m sure the specifics will have a compassionate angle to them. I do not believe any of the other candidates would really fight to stop illegal immigration or make sure those who are here assimilate. An immigrant population that assimilates has an easier time understanding what makes America great and is less likely to be manipulated by big government handouts.

Trump’s tax plan is bold. Finally, someone has doubled down on a tax code that is bloated and crippling. We have heard about the need for tax reform for years just like immigration. One politician after another floats ideas that only wind up in the great void of political ineptitude. Trump can get it done and sell it.

When was the last time you heard the GOP talk about how the middle class has been forgotten and neglected? Why is nothing done? Politicians always cave, and the American people once again are sold down the river. I want someone who knows how the system works, can see where the waste is, fix it, and then get things done. Let’s look at something that for 20 years perplexed politicians and the private sector alike: putting an ice rink in Central Park. A seemingly simple task you might think, right? Not in New York City it wasn’t. Some are laughing at this, saying, “What has that got to do with anything?” Trump got it done under the allotted time. Does anyone reading this not think the infrastructure of America is crumbling? Does anyone not think there is government waste? If the rebuilding of America is left in any other candidate’s hands, we will be ripped off by the bloated and inflated costs. There are endless stories of Trump’s ability to get things built and get things done. He is a man of action. I believe him when he says he will bring jobs back to America. It is not a slogan for him. It is in his DNA.

Let’s look at what he said about Russia bombing ISIS. There is criticism that Russia is bombing the folks America is backing, not ISIS. Well, to be honest, do any of us really know who any of them are? Is it at least possible that the CIA that told Bush that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction might be wrong again? Let’s see what continues to unfold. It is a mess over there and will be getting even worse. Trump is right. It’s a quagmire.

Now let’s discuss who can create jobs. Out of all of them, Donald Trump is the winner. His frustration at how America is being stupidly run isn’t something that he just began saying. Look at his interview with Oprah over 20 years ago. Trump’s outrage at how America has been gutted of jobs is for real. It lies deep inside him.

Let’s talk about government waste. Trump will bring to light how wasteful our government is. He will get under the hood of government and find out where and how the deals are made and the overages charged to the American public. It is our money. Politicians use our money, so they are not too concerned about how it is spent. Oh, they will bullshit us that they care, but they don’t. Just look at the cost of political campaigns. They are not using their own money. Hollywood has the same waste in the budgets for films and television. Millions of dollars are overcharged on items like nails, hammers, paint, etc.

I look forward to his plans on a plethora of things: our veterans, healthcare, and foreign policy. I think all the candidates want to “Make America Great Again,” but I feel Trump is the only one who will be able to do so.

Let’s talk about Trump’s style. While some criticize him as being direct and crass, etc., some people see him as being Reaganesque. I want someone who can not only win, but also get things done. Trump gets ridiculed for spouting his accomplishments. So what? Doesn’t every politician bullshit us about what they have done, most of it unseen? With Trump we can see what he has accomplished, not only with his business, but more importantly with his children who I have been told by many are absolutely terrific. I have been in New York City these past couple of weeks, and I have asked a multitude of people about Trump. Guess what – 99% of those I spoke to who met, know, or had business dealings with Trump like him and think he would do a great job as president. One of them, the brilliant CEO of Douglas Elliman, Dottie Herman, talked about how Ivanka Trump is one of the most intelligent and incredible females she has met. Trump’s daughter runs half his empire. So much for Trump not respecting women. They told me Trump’s son Eric was just as likable, intelligent, and hard working. Well, I will tell you that I met Eric, and he is quite impressive. He’s compassionate, thoughtful, intelligent, and loves his father deeply. And I’m told the same about all of Trump’s children. For those of you who know Ronald Reagan, who we all loved, can the same be said about all of his children? The love and respect displayed for Trump by his kids is quite touching. Do you think this is because of his money? There are plenty of children of the successful and wealthy that hate their fathers.

Take notice, my friends: don’t be so quick to judge Trump because of some of his statements. I spoke to Kareem, a Muslim from Pakistan, who is a limo driver and also owns a body shop on Long Island. Kareem has six children. Three are doctors, two are lawyers, and one is a healthcare assistant. Kareem came to the U.S. 29 years ago as a legal immigrant and became a citizen. He voted for Obama and is quite disappointed. He has seen what has been done to this country over the years. Well, guess who Kareem would like to see as president now? Donald Trump. I spoke to a variety of people and many are for Trump. I was quite surprised myself by Trump’s diverse supporters – men and women of all ages, rational, intelligent, informed, some once supported Obama, some are frustrated by the political class. I can only imagine the fear the “establishment” has for Trump the outsider.

My friends, who do you think will best serve the economy and interests of the United States? It is time we all coalesce around Donald Trump. I said in one of my articles a few years ago that the GOP needed to find its lion. Well, it has in Donald Trump. I only hope it doesn’t try to silence his roar.


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