Robert Davi: The ‘Debbicrats’ Are the Real Circus ‘Clowns’

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Are we going to hold Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the Democratic Party accountable for their comments or let them continue to malign and define our candidates? Wasserman Schultz said even socialist Bernie Sanders is a better choice than “the Republican circus candidates.”

She added, “The Republicans are trying to out-right wing each other. Look, between the fifteen Republican candidates who are left – all of whom are trying to out-Trump Donald Trump – by saying, ‘Yeah let’s kick women. Let’s kick them, immigrants out of this country. Let’s take away health care from women.’”

This is another instance where the GOP let’s their policies and candidates be defined by the lies and distortions of the Democratic Party – a Party of subversive misrepresentations that are anathema to an America the world looks to for moral and courageous leadership. How dare she misrepresent, how dare any of the progressive left use tactics akin to the agitprop of the 1950s Soviet Union. How dare they resurrect the prejudice of the House Un-American Activities Committee and lie about, misrepresent, and label as racists those who have the truth on their side. “Racist” has become the left’s “Communist.” The difference is there were Communists in our government in the 1950s. This is now an historical fact, not just an accusation.

Does this not outrage any of the GOP straw men who silently bow their heads and let the left malign and run roughshod over them with their prejudicial “racists” accusations? How dare the left perpetuate a series of lies that have continually been reinforced by corrupt educators and the pathetically misinformed in Hollywood. While western culture is on life-support, many have been bamboozled by the false narrative Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her Party have drugged Americans with.

America has been abused by the policies of the left and the rest of the incompetent politicians who have surrendered values and common sense to the secular god of government. How can anyone who has at least a vestige of honesty and decency continually let these propagandists go on news shows and not be held accountable? The collusion between the left and the media goes way back. So, I don’t expect them to take her to task for those comments.

But the truth is the only ones kicking women and Christians are the left. The only ones kicking immigrants are the left. They keep people locked on the plantation of government. They hijacked education and political correctness so that our youth are goose-stepping to the liberal song of “Think globally, act locally.” They use things like Common Core to force children to think contrary to their individual self-expressive thought process. Common Core is not about teaching standards; it is about indoctrinating children so their minds will be easier to capture and lead to their own slaughter.

What we are seeing is the fracturing of American unity. Debbie and the rest of the political establishment have lied and deceived the American people, and no one stands up to them. Why? How can any politician let the American people believe that illegal is okay? This has become a farce. It’s absurd. No one is saying kick immigrants out. We are saying illegal immigrants must be made accountable. No one is saying, “Take health care away from women.” Do you really believe that is the issue, Debbie? No, sanctity of life is the issue, Debbicrats!

The left panders to people who most likely don’t have time to really investigate what is at stake, and this allows the left to define the issues in the most dishonest way. For years the left has used the battle cry of “Will you let women have control of their own bodies?” Abortion is a political tug-of-war that has been settled even though both sides continue to use it as a divisive weapon. This issue is now law of the land, but what has recently been uncovered is the selling of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood. Baby body parts are being sold! That has nothing to do with kicking women, Debbie and Hillary and Chris and whoever else has put their head in the sand over this issue.

Now, keeping to your circus analogy, you and the rest of the left are like circus clowns who divert the audience’s attention when a trapeze artist or tightrope walker falls to their death. You keep the audience laughing while the death has been cleaned up. This is also what the left in Hollywood has done – laugh and entertain and bamboozle while the whole world is being upended! You clowns should be marching over the terrible disaster your Party has made of Syria.

Independents like myself can look at the issues facing America and not see them through the diseased prism of partisan politics. We look for what is best for the entire country, not just for the special interests you all have created over the years. I went to the marriage of my gay and lesbian friends in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s and have fought for human rights, but you and yours fight only for the human right to deceive. You say the Republicans are trying to out-right wing each other. That very well may be, but what the hell are you lefties doing? Aren’t Bernie, the extreme socialist, and your other candidates doing the same thing? So, let’s all stop with the bullshit and call it like it is.

Let me say this, my dear American leftists: I guarantee someday you will see that your policies belonged in an incinerator, not in our country. You have led to the crippling of the United States of America. A kidney infection can lead to blood poisoning if it is not cleared up. This is what you have done with your policies. You have not helped the middle class; you have helped destroy it. The rich have gotten richer, which is actually okay. But what’s not okay is that you and the rest of the establishment political class have gutted the middle class with your policies while you pretend to be their champion. All you want are votes. That’s the god you pray to, and you will do anything to get votes – even destroy the country that has brought the gift of freedom to all who live here.

We see the controversy over emails and disinformation about Benghazi. Can you swear on a stack of Bibles that this is just political theater or could the security of our country be at stake? Can we all sit and let this dumb show go on as if it is purely partisan politics? Can noble and honest virtue be summoned even by supporters in your own party?

You talk about a circus, Debbie. I wish it were a circus. What you’ve created is a house of horrors. Why aren’t you or your party outraged by the genocide of Christians in the Middle East? Why aren’t you outraged by a deal with Iran that puts the free world in jeopardy? Why does the President go unchecked in his failed foreign policies? The Middle East is cheering Putin for showing leadership. Why? Why are you so silent about the President’s lack of leadership?

Debbie, you and your Party all defended “God Damn America,” but Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and the rest of what you call “the Republican circus candidates” bless it, and you have your knives out for them. You and your Party are the clowns, Debbie. Very, very adept and dangerous clowns.


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