Biographer: Hillary Cackling about Email Scandal ‘Is What Makes Her So Darn Unlikeable’

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Hillary Clinton biographer Ed Klein said Clinton’s bizarre cackling when asked about her email scandal last Friday on CNN proves that she has a “distorted sense of reality” and is what makes her “so darn unlikeable.”

On Breitbart News Sunday, Klein told guest-host and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125 that a person who has given the Clintons advice for the better part of three decades has told Hillary “time and time again” that “you gotta take this seriously—don’t make a joke of it.” Klein said Hillary has ignored the advice and “has made a joke of it time and time again.”

“That cackle is an example of her arrogance and her belief that she can get away with things that nobody else can,” he said. “It is what makes her so darn unlikeable.”

Klein latest book on Hillary is Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary, and he added that Hillary’s cackle “should freak you out” because “it says something about her character and psychology.”

“This is a woman… who has a distorted sense of reality,” Klein continued. “I think that’s a very serious thing to accuse a presidential candidate of.”

He also mentioned that Liz Moynihan, the wife of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY), once said that Hillary just does not lie but also “distorts reality.”

“She has a distorted sense of reality, and she wouldn’t be cackling like that if she didn’t,” Klein continued.

Klein said that FBI Director James Comey is a “straight shooter” who “cannot be pushed around by politicians” and will investigate Clinton’s emails “to the bitter end and do what’s right.”

“Hillary is very exposed in this email business,” Klein said. “It is pretty clear to me in fact that she violated several federal laws when it comes to the handling of classified information.”

But Klein noted that the FBI has to ultimately make recommendations to prosecutors who ultimately, in turn, have to make recommendations to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, whom President Barack Obama appointed. Klein said he did know whether Clinton’s email investigation “will be subverted by politicians” and whether Obama “will keep his hands off and let Lynch do the right thing.”

In the end, despite all of her unfavorable and scandals, Klein said he thinks Clinton “is likely to get the nomination” because of her strong ground game, organization, endorsements, and vast fundraising network.

“It’s going to be very hard for her to be knocked off,” he said.

Klein also said that if Hillary beats the investigation into her emails, she will “battle on” to the nomination and be a “very formidable candidate for the Democrats” in the general election.


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