Dominance: Trump’s Been the GOP Frontrunner for 100 Days

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Wednesday’s ABC News/Washington Post poll made it official: billionaire businessman Donald Trump has been the Republican presidential frontrunner for 100 days. And because they are BubbleMorons completely out of touch with what is happening in the real world, no one in GOP Establishment or the DC Media thought this was possible. In fact, like a bunch of Thurston Howells, they openly laughed at the possibility.

Absolutely everything the DC Media predicted about Donald Trump has been 100% wrong. Absolutely everything the GOP Establishment wish-casted about Donald Trump has been 100% wrong.

Trump will flame out! This latest “gaffe” will kill Trump! Trump’s support will plateau! Trump’s bubble will burst!  Trump’s negatives are too high!


According to the latest poll, Trump’s support is growing. By a 27% margin, among Republican voters, The Joke With No Chance is seen as having the best chance to win the general election. On this question he beats Jeb Bush by a whopping +30 points.

With outsider Ben Carson as his closest rival (and still behind by double digits), Trump is murdering the Republican Establishment on issues of leadership, immigration, “closest on the issues,” and “understands.”

On the issue of honesty, Carson beats Trump 33% to 21%, while Bush and Marco Rubio sit at a pale 15% and 14%, respectively.

In the overall horserace, Trump sits at 32%, with Carson in second place at 22%. Rubio and Bush are flailing at 10% and 7%, respectively.

The 100 days is the least of it.

That’s just Trump’s standing nationally.

Trump is also way ahead in all the early and vitally important primary states. And it is Trump’s dominance in these states that has always made the comparisons between Trump and other flash-in-the-pan frontrunners absurd.

The anti-science wish-casters in the Establishment and DC Media keep reassuring themselves that Trump is just a fluke frontrunner. How many times have our Know-Nothing Overlords compared Trump’s frontrunner status to the fleeting amount of time Rudy Giuliani, Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain enjoyed in the sun?  Well, with that stupid comparison, you are only being told part of the story.

At no time did these former frontrunners enjoy a national lead combined with dominance in the primary states.

Trump is up +6 in Iowa.

Trump is +14 in New Hampshire.

Trump is +15 in South Carolina.

Trump is +10 in Florida.

Trump is +16 in Nevada.

This is just a fact: at this stage of the game, Trump is enjoying a dominance in the race for the Republican nomination similar to that of a sitting incumbent running for re-election.

Here’s another fact: Iowa is only 100 days away.

Actually, Iowa is closer to 75 days away when you figure in Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years.

So what is the GOP Establishment’s genius plan to defeat Trump?

A gajillion dollars in negative ads combined with yet another wish-cast, this one based on the absurd hope Trump will choose not to spend his own money when he is only 2.5 points behind Hillary Clinton.

The other wish-cast is that voters will change their minds in the voting booth.

All the anti-Trumpites got is this: In politics 75 or 100 days are forever. Anything can happen. On the flip-side, as the days pass, Trump has and continues to improve as a candidate.

Whether you support Trump or not (he’s not my top choice), this much is clear: the feckless, defensive, helpless, bubbled, out-of-touch Establishment has proven that they are in no way prepared for a general election campaign.

If you don’t have the sand to beat Trump, you sure as hell won’t beat Hillary and the DC Media.


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