Planned Parenthood NC Bar Fundraiser Event Is Called ‘Chopped’

Stephen Brashear/ Getty Images North America / AFP
Stephen Brashear/ Getty Images North America / AFP

Planned Parenthood is getting treated to a fundraiser at an event with a title that is receiving some attention.

The Borough in Raleigh, North Carolina, calls its event “Chopped,” and some took to Twitter to comment on the title in light of the recent series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s apparent practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies. The abortion business is under investigation by several congressional committees for potentially criminal activities.

The bar’s Facebook page posted the invite to the event which includes Planned Parenthood’s ad slogan—”no matter what!”

Please join us on Saturday November 14th at 12 noon for another exciting round of our Bartender Challenge to raise money and offer thanks to Planned Parenthood!

Local bartenders will compete to design craft cocktails from a list of secret ingredients to be assessed by a panel of judges in the style of the popular TV series Chopped. Proceeds from the one of a kind cocktails will benefit Planned Parenthood so don’t hesitate to try each one!

We’re excited to welcome Planned Parenthood volunteers and supporters for an awesome Saturday afternoon filled with stiff drinks and competition!

Come out and help us support an organization that continues to offer personalized high quality care to our surrounding community — no matter what!


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