Davi to Evangelical Voters: ‘We Need a Fighter, Not a Healer’ for President

Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Our House has been purposely divided. Almost daily we see the fraying of American society. We are losing our national identity, and it is being replaced by the secular disease of “Anything Goes Except Faith.”

My dear fellow Americans, I am distressed. Why are we not coming together? Why are we letting this incremental destruction happen? As citizens, we must get more engaged. We can no longer stand by and let America become a tribal nation. Hillary Clinton once said, “It takes a village.” While on the surface this seems like a lovely sentiment, it is this thinking that tears our nation apart. While a football coach is told he can no longer pray on the field after a game, while a classroom threatens to fail a student if she doesn’t answer, “God does not exist,” while a major Hollywood director screams death to the police, while Christians are being killed just for being Christian, while human rights are being destroyed in the Middle East, while our police forces are demonized as a bunch of killers, while daily insidious and dangerous policies that will collapse our nation are snuck through Congress in the dead of night, we go about our lives and do nothing.

We have entrusted our elected officials with the protection of our country, but it is no longer a country. We are on the verge of becoming a nation that will be as fractured as the battles we see in the Middle East between the Sunni and Shi’a. The amount of unassimilated immigrants pouring into our country is going to fracture this nation. It is not because they shouldn’t have an opportunity. It is because of the lack of assimilation and the leftwing indoctrination we have condoned and let happen.

Evangelicals, Christians, Jews, women, men, blacks, whites, Latinos, I speak to you. Pass this amongst yourselves. Think hard. You all have faith in common. You all understand the Judeo-Christian values this country was founded on, yet you let secular issues tear you all apart. The survival of our nation is at stake, and you have a responsibility to protect it. We have issues that are more dangerous and subversive than some of the battles you continue to fight. While everyone has their personal feelings on abortion and gay marriage, these two issues continually cause our nation to split apart at the seams and help pave the way for some of the more dangerous policies affecting our nation. Do you not see it?

Can Evangelical leaders not see how they are being minimized and rendered ineffectual by this? Every single election you get bamboozled or you pick candidates that cannot win in a general election. We no longer have the same demographic that we had in the 1980s. We have a voting populace full of young adults and teenagers just turning 18 who, for the most part, have been indoctrinated with socialism, multiculturalism, and moral relativism, which is worse than cancer. They now view the police as their enemies, not the criminals.

The removal of Christmas from our public square is a battle we should be fighting with a determination to win. But the fight over abortion cripples the ability to unite behind other issues we can get broad agreement on. You should instead pray over this and not let it be the be-all and end-all in elections. You should rally behind the football coach’s right to bend knee on the 50-yard line after a game. This is a battle you can win. I see folks of other faith putting out their prayer mats on the sidewalks of New York, and they are free to do so without question or protest. Do you see the double standard? And yet it goes on.

We live at the most dangerous tipping point in the nation’s history. We are approaching a different form of slavery. The slave owners are our government. The new budget about to be passed by the ship of fools in Congress is another reminder that you better listen very carefully to those running for president. And while we all anticipate who will emerge as the nominee, let me leave you with this observation. We have a very complex world, but we have very incompetent leaders. I have seen liars who are nice, cordial, and statesmanlike – liars who will say anything for their hidden agenda. We need a leader who is tough and smart and has a belief that America can be great again.

We need a fighter, not a healer in the White House. We need someone who can go up against a bureaucracy that is like “The Blob.” Remember that film? It was made in 1958, during the Eisenhower administration. It was about a meteor coming to earth. When poked by a stick, it leaked a sticky gob-like substance that enveloped everyone it came into contact with and grew in size each time it did. It was a metaphor for government – a government that consumes the individual and is virtually unstoppable. Well, my dear friends, while you listen to debates and what the candidates say, think about who will protect America, grow the economy, and create jobs.

The presidency is not a nice-guy competition. We need someone with the know-how and determination to be a warrior for the battles that lie ahead. We do not need comfort food. We need to be told the truth. We need someone who has something at risk, not someone who has nothing to lose except an election. We need the right candidate now more than at any other time in American history.

You cannot win an election on your own. That has been proven. But you can do the right thing for the survival of our nation. Right now you must ensure victory and let an outsider take the helm. I pray you will be guided by a much larger vision.


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