Ex-Disney Worker, Attorney Warn of ‘Knowledge Transfer’ to Foreign Guest Workers

AP File Photo/Jae C. Hong

Technology companies across the country are replacing American employees and “transferring” their knowledge to foreign guest workers, according to Sara Blackwell, an attorney for Disney employees replaced by foreign workers, and Leo Perrero, a former Disney employee.

“Right now all of the technology jobs, 90 percent of them are being filtered to H-1B visa holders here and then off-shoring to other countries. Knowledge transfer is what we’re doing,” Blackwell said during an interview with SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

Blackwell argued that technology is the future but that Americans are not the ones getting those coveted tech jobs.

“Twenty-six percent right now of IT college students in America are working in the IT field,” she said. “There is no job security. The pay rate has not changed since like 2000, it’s actually gone down for most people. But they’re off-shoring. We are knowledge transferring. The Americans are transferring our knowledge to these foreign workers. They’re taking it overseas.”

Specifically Blackwell pointed to what she said are abuses in the H-1B visas system:

The purpose of H-1B is if there is no qualified American then the H-1B person can come over and fill that position because we need them. Well, there are qualified Americans because they’re being fired, but guess what, if this keeps going there aren’t going to be any qualified Americans because we’re training all our knowledge — sending it overseas and we’re training all the H1B workers here and we’re not giving Americans the opportunity to make a decent wage or have a job so America has no future in technology, at this point.

Blackwell continued, adding that this is happening in states across the U.S. but that people do not speak out due to their severance agreements, the interconnectedness of the IT world and fears of being “blackballed.”

Also speaking with SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, Perrero tells the story of how he was replaced.

“Essentially I was given 90 days notice to train my foreign replacement. This person was flown in just days before this whole thing happened,” he said.

Perrero said he was blindsided by the decision due to his high performance review and the company’s profit levels.

We thought we were being called into a last minute meeting for pats on the back and bonuses but it turned out to be the complete opposite. We were called into a room of about two dozen people to be told we had to train our foreign replacements and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t get a bonus.

When pressed, Perrero said that while the presidential candidates have spoken about the issue of immigrants replacing American IT workers, it has not been a the level he would like to see. Perrero did point to Donald Trump as a candidate who has made comments about the matter and senators such as Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) who have spoken about about the injustice.

“There’s clearly not enough of it. This really needs to go mainstream,” he said.

“There could be three-quarters of a million H1B guest workers that only stay here between 3 and 6 years and they’re gone. They send the bulk of their money back to their country and their knowledge goes back to their country when they’re finished,” he added.


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