Jindal Challenges Cruz: ‘He’s Never Even Come Up With His Own Plan’

Republican Presidential hopeful and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition 15th Annual Family Banquet and Presidential Forum held at the Iowa State fairgrounds on September 19, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. Eight of the Republican candidates including Donald Trump are expected to attend the …
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To gain more traction with conservative Republican voters, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has challenged Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) to “a one-on-one debate next week in Milwaukee,” according to a Washington Post report.

Breitbart News reached out to Cruz campaign for a response. His campaign said it has no comment at this time. The campaign also declined to comment for the Post’s item.

Jindal used the occasion to take a clear, tough shot at Cruz.

“You get Ted Cruz who wants to shut down the government, but he’s never even come up with his own plan,” Jindal said. “We’ve written our own plan and campaigned on it, rather than just complaining about Obamacare.”

The invite from Jindal comes just as he’s been endorsed by Iowa-based blogger, Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts.

We Endorse Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal for President

Jindal is not perfect. No candidate is, of course. He, like many other governors, signed onto adopting the Common Core State Standards. Unlike many of his colleagues, Jindal has not only demonstrated humility in acknowledging that he was wrong, but he has been a leader in fighting the implementation of the Common Core in his state through executive action, proposed legislation, and legal action. While he hasn’t been successful fighting on numerous fronts with his own state board of education, legislative education leaders and the Obama administration, he proves actions speak louder than words and has fought the good fight.

His willingness to fight is something needed in Washington, DC. He is willing to fight the leadership of his own party if need be and has been very critical of the lack of principled leadership shown by establishment Republicans when it was warranted.

He has been a doer, not just a talker, and as a presidential candidate he has dived deep into policy something that we appreciate.

More on Jindal’s debate invite here.

Jindal pointed to Cruz’s recent comments on Fox News as the impetus for calling him out. “I’m happy to have as many debates as we can,” Cruz said on Wednesday. “I’m happy to debate anywhere, anytime.”

Jindal said he’d like his debate with Cruz, if it ever happened, to focus on their plans for replacing President Obama’s health-care law. He also questioned the significance of Cruz’s efforts in 2013 to shut down the government.

… Both Cruz and Jindal will be in Wisconsin on Tuesday to participate in Fox Business Network debates. Cruz will be on the main stage, Jindal in the “undercard” debate.


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