SNL’s Che Jabs Jeb, Carson, Says Trump Makes ‘Negro Senses Start Tingling’

Michael Che made fun of GOP presidential candidates former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Dr. Ben Carson, and Donald Trump during the “Weekend Update” segment on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Che said that Jeb’s “Jeb can fix it” slogan is true, “if the problem being fixed, is the threat of another Bush presidency.” He added that Bush’s new book of emails, entitled “Reply All,” was being called “Unsubscribe” by voters.

After the discussion turned to the controversy over Carson’s telling of his violent past, Che remarked Carson is “the first black man in American history to turn down an alibi.” Che further mocked Carson’s idea that President Obama wasn’t vetted by the media, stating, “Are you serious dude? Even after Obama was elected president, twice, they still made him show ID just to get into the White House. And I’m talking about the guy hosting the show.” While Che said this, a picture of birth certificate was shown next to him.

Later, Che remarked that he’s more concerned about the subtitle of Trump’s new book, “Crippled America,” refers to making the US great again. Che said, “Like what years are you talking about specifically dude? Whenever rich, old, white guys start bringing up the good old days, my negro senses start tingling. I mean, after all those years of progress, Trump’s going to really go with, No, I think we had it right the first time.”

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