Juan Williams: Carson Embellished Like Rappers, He is More ‘Urkel Than Thug Life’

This week on “Fox News Sunday,” while discussing the media’s coverage of Dr. Ben Carson’s past, Juan Williams said he believes Carson might have embellished and exaggerated like rappers do but the stories of a violent past.

Williams said, “This reminds me of a lot of rappers, you know, they hype, embellish, exaggerate for the sake of presentation, a biography in this case. So with the high school students, his classmates, and I think Kimberly people do remember what happens in high school very intensely, I think he turns out more Urkel than thug life. And that’s the Ben Carson I know. I know the guy and I’m just telling you he is a wonderful guy but I never thought as him as any type of thug or attacking people. I just don’t see it.”

“But the key point is he remains an inspirational man, a poor black close from Detroit who becomes a world-renounce surgeon,” he continued. “Because, as you said, with the biography, his books end up in Evangelical book stores, home-if schooling, and they love him for that inspirational life, boot straps up,  Jesus touched life, his miracle life. I would say that the difficulty is the truth factor. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but when it comes to asking Americans, which of these candidates do you like most? Ben Carson is number one. This then potentially starts to hurt him in that regard if people have questions. But listening to Kimberly this morning, whether or not it’s the conservative Evangelical crowd that views him as an icon and views the media as the devil will take it seriously is another question.”

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