CBS’s Cordes: Clinton’s 9/11 Wall Street Comments ‘Struck A Lot Of People As Tone Deaf’

On Sunday’s “Face the Nation” on CBS, correspondent Nancy Cordes reacted to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton using the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack as the reason she received donations from Wall Street as a senator from New York during Saturday’s CBS News debate, saying the comments “struck a lot of people as tone deaf.”

“I think what [Clinton] was trying to say was, ‘Of course, these people support me, I was their senator; I did a good job for them, why wouldn’t they give me donations?’ But it struck a lot of people as tone deaf because she was essentially saying, ‘Because of 9/11 that’s why I get millions of dollars.’ So, we were getting lot of traffic on Twitter from people saying, ‘That just doesn’t sit right with me.’ And I think to be honest, when we asked her the question, she was a little surprised because I don’t know that she actually realized the way that it came off and quickly tried to self-correct.”

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