‘The Ryan Charm’: Beltway Insiders’ Politico Praises New Speaker for Standing Up ‘to the Right Wing’ for Obama

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Politico’s Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan gush about Paul Ryan’s brief time as Speaker of the House of Representatives, citing indications that he will ignore his party’s conservative constituents to work better with President Obama.

From Politico:

Paul Ryan has been speaker of the House for just three weeks. It’s hardly enough time to make sweeping judgments about whether the Wisconsin Republican’s inclusive, bottom-up decision-making process is sustainable in the long term.

But still, over this period, Ryan has been busy. Very busy. He’s deftly navigated a Syrian refugee crisis that might’ve crippled former Speaker John Boehner. He reformed an internal power center within the House Republican Conference. He’s reopened lines of constant communication with President Barack Obama. And he seems to be playing on an endless loop on cable television.

Official Washington has gotten to know a new side of Ryan. And the 45-year old is sending strong signals about how he’ll run the Capitol, how he’ll wield power and how he’ll interact with this White House for the next 13 months — and beyond.

It’s an evolution — not a revolution. Ryan is looking to build on what he thought worked for Boehner and the House GOP leadership, without tearing down the structure and starting over. To take it a little farther, he’s trying to repair a car while sitting at the steering wheel, and everyone else is in the back seat yelling at him.

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