‘Breitbart News Daily’ Callers Urge Americans to Read Quran to ‘Know the Enemy,’ Discover Islam Not Religion of Peace


On Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125, informed callers from across America stressed the importance of reading the Quran to “know the enemy” and learn that Islam is not a religion of peace and there is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim.”

James in California said that after he read the Quran, he discovered there is no difference between “radical Islam” and “regular” Islam.

“I took my time to read the Quran,” he told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. “There is no radical Islam or regular.”

He added that the Quran “preaches to the Muslims that if you’re not in the position to take over, that you be passive, that you do lie, that you do assimilate or that you try to get along… until you get your position where you can take over.”

“The radicals—they’re in their power position,” he said. “That’s why they’re doing what they’re doing. “

He continued: “These radical Islam[ists] and the Muslims over here… there’s no difference … the ones over here don’t have the power yet to do what ISIS or anyone else is doing. They know that if they try, they would be put down. So they are passive and they lie. Mohammed preaches to his followers to lie to our face about liking us, getting along with us, until they are in a position to take over. That’s a fact.”

He said he decided to read the Quran because he “didn’t understand what was really happening” regarding radical Islam and said “it ain’t right” that President Barack Obama keeps preaching about “peaceful” Muslims.

“There’s no difference,” he said. “I found that out.”

He said reading the Quran was an “eye-opener” and “everybody in the military and the general public” should read the Quran “so you can understand exactly what type of person you are dealing with, what type of religion, what Mohammed is trying to [preach].”

“Read it and you will get an understanding… and you will look so completely far away from Hillary Clinton, Obama and anybody else [who says] ’oh we should take in the refugees” or ’there’s peaceful mosques.’”

“You will look so far away after that and you won’t even bother to listen to ‘em,” he said.

Dan in Ohio said he is reading the Quran and, “I recommend it to anybody.” He said Muslims believe that the words in the Quran are “God’s words” and “not interpretations.”

“They don’t believe our Bible is from God,” he said.

Dan further added that, according to his reading of the Quran, “these people that are leaving their own country… are cowards or true Muslims that are coming here to invade our country and Europe and turn it into a Muslim land and we better get a hold of it.”

He asked, “where in the hell are the Muslims around here?”

“They are not saying anything about it because it’s the word of the Quran—you go there and you make them Muslim or you enslave them—they can pay taxes or you frickin’ kill ‘em. There’s no gray area,” he said.

Dan added that it is important to read the Quran to “know your enemy. It’s all in the book.”

Patrick in Georgia said he did his senior thesis on Islam and was actually “considering converting to Islam” until he realized “in my studies what exactly Islam is.” He said most people “are not going to have access or knowledge of the Hadith and Sunnah,” which are two books that try to “resolve any conflict or any information that may otherwise be obscured in the Quran.”

But even without reading the Hadith and Sunnah, he said it is clear how extreme Islam is.

He said those who preach about Islam being a religion of peace are referring to the Mecca phase of Mohammed’s life before he became militant during the Medina phase.

He said “it’s all outlined in the Quran” about how Mohammed wants Muslims to “move in” and “grow and take over and how they start to usurp.” He said “more than anything else in today’s environment, read the Quran and learn what you can because there’s so much disinformation being spewed by people you’re supposed to trust.”

He asked listeners to “find out for yourself” because it will be a “real bad situation if you don’t gain the necessary knowledge to take care of yourself, your family, and your community.”

Larry in Ohio said he is a former Ranger who served in Bosnia and Somalia and “everybody in our unit read the Quran to get the mindset of the individuals we were going after, which made it a lot easier for us to do our job mentally.”

“We have to basically terminate these people with extreme prejudice,” he said. “They’re not going to stop until they kill us without any thought.”

He said Muslims are taught to “mimic whatever they need to mimic to gain control by flooding in with groups of people… they act very subservient until the numbers match so they can move on [and conquer].”

“Everybody in the world should read it,” he said.

Stewart in Indianapolis said that he read the Quran and discovered that there are three ways Muslims deal with infidels—“trade, enslave or kill you.” He said there is “no turning the other cheek or getting along with the neighbor.”

He said he “had no education about the Muslim world” and decided to read the Quran to “find out who they were” and to “know the difference between a radical Muslim and just a Muslim.” Stewart said that when it comes to dealing with non-Muslims in the Quran, it is “terminal.”

“There’s no getting along with anybody,” he said. “If you’re not a Muslim, it’s over. I’m disappointed about how were are supposed to get along with these people.”

When Bannon asked him what he thought of politicians who claim that Islam is a religion of peace, he said that “politicians don’t tell all the truth—they tell you what they want you to believe. And I’m tired of listening to any politician.”

Teresa in New Hampshire said that she read the Quran 10 years ago and “America needs to read the Quran.”

She said that “moderate Islam[ists] in true Islam would be considered apostates” because “they would not be following the Quran as it is written.”

Teresa said she is a Catholic and decided to read the Quran because she wanted to know “what exactly is that Islam” since there were so many things going on in the Middle East after the 9/11 attacks. Since she didn’t really know much about Mohammed, she bought a Quran and discovered that “you don’t have to be an avid reader to get through” it  and “pick up that… this is a one-sided, do whatever is necessary, no discussions… you become Islamic or you’re dead. Period.”

She said “absolutely do not listen to the politicians” who try to frame Islam as a religion of peace.

“Finger through the book,” she said. “It will not take you much to figure out there is not talking.”

Justin from Illinois said that in the Quran, Mohammed tells his followers that “if you find unbelievers, you strike… their necks until you kill many of them.”

“It’s exactly what you see ISIS acting out in Syria and Iraq and soon to be in our own shores if we don’t put a stop to it,” he said.

Jason in California said he was arguing with somebody on social media about Islam and downloaded the Quran. He said he found the chapter on Mohammed and all the radicalism and violence he spewed very quickly.

John in Minnesota said Thomas Jefferson had the Quran printed in the United States to “let us know why we had to fight the Barbary Coast Pirates.”

“It’s insane that we haven’t read it,” he said. “Everybody should read it.”

Pamela Geller also pointed out on the show that “to say radical Islam is redundant.”

“There is no extreme Islam. There is no moderate Islam,” she said. “Islam is Islam.”

Geller mentioned that though the Obama administration likes to blame terrorism on poverty, disaffection, illiteracy, and even global warming, many terrorists are “well-educated and went to prestigious schools in the west” and those excuses are “patently false.”

She noted that friends and acquaintances of the terrorists always talk about how they were so “peaceful,” but, according to Geller, what happened is that they “became devout. That’s what happened. That’s the common thread in every single case.”