Liberal Media Loses Interest in ‘Clock Kid’ After Islamic Attacks

Clock Boy with Sudanese Bashir Ashraf ShazlyAFP
Ashraf Shazly/AFP

The liberal media lavished 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, also known as “Clock Kid,” with praise and adoration after he was arrested in Irving, TX, for his alleged homemade clock that he made in school. Media outlets wrote article after article claiming his mistreatment proved Islamophobia exists in America. But as The Washington Post‘s Callum Borchers points out, they lost interest after the attacks in Europe and Mohamed’s enormous lawsuit against his school.

President Barack Obama tweeted support for the “Clock Kid,” while Twitter eagerly verified his official account. Time named him an influential teen of 2015, but that list also includes Kylie Jenner. His parents even claimed the teenager experiences post-traumatic stress disorder, but somehow he managed to make a cross country trip that included the White House and the United Nations.

Mohamed also traveled to Saudi Arabia, where authorities behead people in public and women cannot drive, and Sudan, whose leader Omar al-Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court.

But then the situation worsened when Mohamed’s family decided to accept a generous gift from The Qatar Foundation and relocate to the Islamic country. The foundation has been accused of funding terrorist group Hamas, but also offered the teenager a full scholarship to Doha Academy.

Borchers discovered this same media is mostly silent now that Mohamed’s family is suing his former school district and Irving for $15 million dollars. From The Washington Post:

Vox, which published more than a dozen stories about Mohamed in the three days after his arrest (I stopped counting), hadn’t noted the lawsuit, as of Wednesday morning. Ditto for Mother Jones, which had five Mohamed articles on the day when news of his arrest broke.

The Huffington Post went with a single news report on the lawsuit that recapped the circumstances of Mohamed’s arrest but didn’t mention the clock’s appearance, the questions about how it was built, or the meeting with Bashir. There was no biting commentary on Islamophobia.

A search on Daily Kos yielded one article about the arrest, but still made Mohamed sound like a victim. BuzzFeed search did not bring up an article about the arrest. The search function at Think Progress is currently down.


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