Ted Cruz’s Surge in Polls Angers Rubio Supporters


He has been called a “Whacko Bird” by Sen. John McCain and other establishment Republicans in the U.S. Senate. He has been called an “extremist” and a Tea Party Republican that likes to hang out on the far right fringe of the GOP.

Detractors, especially those who support his amigo in the Senate, Senator Marco Rubio, make fun of his voice and appearance, as well as how he delivers his message.

Haters from the Rubio camp and those Democratic Party talking points-spewing armchair quarterbacks, who think they can accurately foretell the future when it comes to the 2016 Republican presidential primary race, have better come to terms with the fact that Senator Ted Cruz is very much “electable.”

The most recent Quinnipiac Poll destroys the hater argument that Cruz is not electable, and would surely lose against presumptive Democratic presidential  nominee Hillary Clinton.

While Cruz (23%) is on a huge surge, Carson (18%) is freefalling, Rubio (13%) seems to have peeked  for the moment, and Trump is still Trump (25%).

All of you John McCain/Chuck Schumer/Lyndsey Graham/Marco Rubio aficionados repeat after me:




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