Media Fail: Donald Trump Enjoys Post-Paris Poll Surge

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

It has now been two weeks since Islamist savages murdered and injured some 500 innocents in Paris. And yes, despite all the real and manufactured-by-a-corrupt-media controversies, despite a full-on coordinated attack by the DC Media to disqualify him, Donald Trump is enjoying a measurable national jump of support.

In the Huffington Post poll of national polls, Trump is up +5 points since the November 13 Paris terror attack, a jump from 30% support to 35%.  His closest rival, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, has lost -5 points, a dip from 19% support to just 14%.

Nationally, The Donald is ahead by a whopping +21 points.

Third place Marco Rubio and 4th place Ted Cruz have gained a couple of points and now sit at just 13% and 11%, respectively.

In the Real Clear Politics poll of polls, prior to the November 13 attacks, Trump sat at 24.3%, while his closest rival, Carson was down just -1 point at 23.3%.

Today, Trump sit’s at 27.5%, a +3 jump. Carson has sunk to just 20%.

What was a statistically tied race two weeks ago is now a +7 point national lead for Trump.

Rubio and Cruz have inched up less than +1 point and remain more than -10 points behind the billionaire businessman frontrunner.

Over the past couple of weeks, Trump has said some things worthy of criticism. For instance, there were not “thousands and thousands of Muslims” cheering on 9/11; and Trump’s campaign promise to put “some mosques” under surveillance is as disturbing as a promise to “arrest some people.” This little thing called the 4th Amendment decides these things, not politicians.

The mistake the left-wing DC media is making is one of hysterical overreach.

It was the DC Media that manufactured the Muslim registry controversy, not Trump. Rather than criticize him for not answering a question precisely, the media, including the front page of the New York Times, instead overreached by outright lying. The leftwing CNN went so far as to commit journalistic fraud with a sneaky video edit.

Trump’s claim that Muslims cheered on 9/11 is true. Contemporaneous reports prove this, as do countless eyewitness accounts that have come forward over the last week. Instead of criticizing Trump for exaggerating the “thousands and thousands” number, the DC Media has not just called him a liar, they have been trying to cover up the fact that those celebrations did indeed happen. By burying reports of these celebrations in his own paper, Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler again made a very public and partisan ass of himself.

The latest controversy involves the DC Media’s favorite subject: Itself.

Trump stands accused of mocking a New York Times reporter’s physical disability. Trump says he didn’t. Whatever side you come down on, the entire world remembers that this is the same rotted DC Media that couldn’t wait to get President Obama off the hook for calling Palin a “pig” in 2008. As president, Obama also mocked the Special Olympics and paid no political price in the media.

Whether you believe Trump or not, this reporter can at least defend himself. Special Olympics’ children, for the most part, cannot.

Controversies aside, what Trump has been able to do for the 2 weeks since the Paris attacks is dominate the news coverage and show strength, not just with his approach to terrorism, but in standing up to one of the most reviled and distrusted institutions on the planet… The left-wing garbage fire of lies and smears known as the DC Media.

Through Trump, millions and millions of Americans now have a vessel to hate the DC Media back.


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