Texas 7th-Grader Who Reported Teacher Instructed God is a Myth Calls School Board ‘Liars,’ Demands Apology


A 12-year-old seventh grade student in Katy, Texas who reported in October that her teacher instructed her class that God is a myth challenged her school board again by demanding an apology and referring to its members as “liars.”

Jordan Wooley, a straight-A student at West Memorial Junior High reported her reading teacher instructed her class that God is a “myth” and that any student who says God is a “fact” or an “opinion” is wrong. The student said she and her classmates were told that answers on a quiz that did not identify God as a “myth” would be marked as a failure.

The school district denied the incident happened, claiming no other students verified Jordan’s story. The district later issued an apology of sorts, though its officials disputed the purpose of the activity, referring to it as “an exercise to encourage critical thinking skills and dialogue.”

“If I had any reason to believe, or evidence to support, that a teacher did what has been alleged, I would stand with Jordan as well,” said Superintendent Alton Frailey at a news conference. “But the assertions are just not true.”

Fox26 in Houston reports the school’s principal, however, had already found at least one corroborating statement from another student in Jordan’s class.

On Monday Jordan faced her school board again–with considerable public support.

“You tried to cover up the incident. You tried to twist your words to where it was hard to find the truth,” Jordan told the Katy Independent School District Board of Trustees. “You called me a liar without using the word liar.”

Jordan told the school board and the superintendent she would like a direct apology.

“If anything has been said that was wrong it was your words, not mine,” she said. “You lied about saying the assignment was not graded, although it originally was, until the principal changed it.”

As Fox News Insider reports, while Jordan received support from the likes of Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott and Franklin Graham, and has friends who have stuck by her, she states she has been bullied at school because of her decision to speak out about her faith.

“I’ve been told to kill myself. I’ve been told things that I’m not allowed to say,” she said.

Fox News reports that Jordan received a standing ovation from several adults in the audience after she addressed the school board.


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