Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio Have Same Foreign Policy

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks during a 'Students For Rand Rally' at George Washington University November 19, 2015 in Washington, DC. Sen. Paul continued to campaign for the Republican nomination for U.S. president. (Photo by
Alex Wong/Getty Images

GOP presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) joined Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM with host Stephen K. Bannon and bashed fellow GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for having the same foreign policy as the Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio have basically the same foreign policy. They believe in regime change and they think that somehow it’s going to be better over there,” Paul told Bannon. “But what has happened every time we’ve toppled a secular dictator, we’ve gotten chaos and the rise of radical Islam.”

“Because of Marco Rubio and because of Hillary Clinton, because they toppled Gadhafi in Libya, we now have a failed state,” Paul explained, saying that now a third of the people in Libya pledge allegiance to ISIS and America is more at risk of an attack.

“He’s also opposed making border security more stringent so we can keep people from coming into attack us,”  Paul said of Rubio.

Paul attempted to introduce an amendment into the Gang of Eight immigration bill pushed by Rubio back in 2013 that would have put tougher scrutiny on refugees, foreign students and visitors coming into the country, but Rubio blocked it.

“A couple years ago, we had the immigration bill – the Rubio bill – and I put forward an amendment to that bill that would have had stricter scrutiny on refugees and students coming to this country because, frankly, those people have been attacking us,” Paul said, referencing the Boston bombers and two Iraqi refugees in Kentucky who plotted an attack. “I think we need stricter scrutiny on this, but unfortunately Rubio opposed me on this.”

“I’m going to intrudce it again today on the budget bill,” Paul told Bannon.

He’s blocked every conservative amendment because his allegiance to Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid was great than his allegiance to conservatives and as a consequence those are some tough questions people ought to ask Marco Rubio is why did you vote against a border security amendment that would have had more scrutiny for refugees and more scrutiny for students.

Paul is attempting to get a vote on his bill that “says nobody comes in until the government can prove who is here now,” but Paul took another jab at Rubio’s absent voting record, saying, “whether Marco Rubio will actually be here to vote on it, we’ll see.”

Paul also discussed the redacted 28 pages from a government report on the 9-11 attack involving Saudi Arabia.

“Congress did an investigation after 9-11. They did a report and George W. Bush redacted 28 pages,” Paul explained, adding that he read the pages and Sen. Bob Graham from Florida later wrote a book about it.

“In general, part of the 28 pages has to do with links to Saudi Arabia form the attackers on 9-11. I don’t think there is anything in the report the public can’t hear,” Paul said. “We do need to know who attacked us. We need to know why they attacked us. We need to protect ourselves.”

“We need to defend the country,” he said. “I’m all for surveillance…but I’m for using it for those of whom we have suspicion with a warrant.”

Paul referenced the NSA surveillance, saying, “the danger of looking at all Americans’ records…is that then it may be abused on our own citizens,” citing the IRS targeting conservatives and the Tea Party.


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