Hillary Clinton Helped Son-In-Law’s Buddy At Goldman Sachs

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stands with former President Bill Clinto
John Moore/Getty Images

Having trouble moving up a floor or two at Goldman Sachs? Here’s a surefire trick to get ahead. Just call in a favor from Hillary Clinton’s son-in-law.

Emails reveal that Chelsea Clinton’s husband, a private equity expert named Marc Mezvinsky, scored his buddy at Goldman a meeting with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Harry Siklas is a young guy trying to make it in New York City. His wife was just telling the New York Times about how they had to go to an independent broker to get their $1.2 million three-bedroom steal in the Chatham on East 65th Street (they later flipped it for a cool $3.7 million).

Siklas had a client called Neptune Minerals, which is a deep sea mining firm, and Hillary Clinton happened to be in the middle of an attempt to pass the Law of the Sea Treaty to govern deep sea mining.

“I introduced them to GS and the bankers took them on as a client,” Siklas said in an email to Mezvinsky.

Mezvinsky sent the request to Clinton, who told an aide, “Could you have someone follow up on this request, which was forwarded to me?”

“I’ll get on it” said her subordinate Thomas Nides.

Nice play, Siklas.


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