Hillary Clinton: ’92 Percent’ Of Americans Support Suing Gun Manufacturers For Gun Crime


During the December 10 airing of Late Night with Seth Meyers, Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said “92 percent” of Americans support “common sense measures” like opening up gun makers and sellers to lawsuits over gun crime.

Clinton said, “Most people in America–92 percent the last I checked…support these common sense measures–universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, closing the online and Charleston loophole, and doing whatever we can to appeal the immunity from all liability that gun makers and sellers have.”

Her claims run counter to reality, and that is because she is seizing on lingering support for one type of gun control–expanded background checks–then transliterating that support to other types of gun control, as well as to punitive actions toward the 15 billion dollar gun industry.¬†Breitbart News previously reported that Americans in many regions of our country have somehow failed to recognize that expanded background checks are gun control’s Trojan Horse. In other words, expanded–or universal–background checks are insidious measures that lead to the passage of more and more more gun control.

Clinton demonstrates this by suggesting the lingering support for expanded background checks somehow crosses over into support for suing Smith & Wesson, Glock, Sturm Ruger & Co., Springfield Armory, Bushmaster, Colt, and other popular manufacturers over the criminal misuse of the products they make. She is also suggesting your local gun store owner should be liable for the use of guns sold after a background check is performed.

To put it another way, Clinton has not even secured expanded background checks at the national level and she is already using them to pursue other laws that could eliminate gun manufacturers altogether.

But Clinton’s push faces a crucial obstacle; namely, that the San Bernardino attack took place in a state with expanded background checks. And the same can be said for the November 27 Planned Parenthood attack and the Halloween day high profile shooting, both of which took place in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Like California, Colorado also has expanded background checks, but those checks proved impotent to stop determined terrorists in San Bernardino and determined criminals in Colorado Springs.

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