MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: Trump’s Ideas Are ‘What It Means to Become Radicalized’

On the Saturday broadcast of “Melissa Harris-Perry,” host Melissa Harris-Perry gave a monologue about the definition of “radicalized.”

She pointed out that the definition of the term “radicalized” has been a trending search online recently, then went on to argue how GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is in “opposition” the United States’ “foundational principles,” which she said “means to become radicalized.”

“It’s a belief and course of action that may most recently have been amplified by Donald Trump, but was already part of our public discourse long before he ever announced his candidacy for president. We have seen it in the efforts by state legislators around the country to ban the system of Islamic laws known as Sharia despite the fact, as Mother Jones noted in 2011, it’s virtually nonexistence in the United States. We’ve seen it in the NYPD’s use of religious profiling. We have seen it in the persistent skepticism about President Obama’s birthplace. And we see it today when a party’s top candidate for president is boosted by a belief and course of action that is in opposition to one of our country’s most foundational principles. This is what it means to become radicalized.”

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