Rasmussen: Majorities Believe Gun Ownership, NRA’s Policies Make Us Safer

NRA Opening Prayer AP PhotoMark Humphrey
AP/Mark Humphrey

Last week Rasmussen Reports released two polls showing majorities with guns in their homes believe they are safer for it and “American Adults” believe the policies supported by the NRA make us safer.

The poll on gun ownership was released December 10, showing that “63 percent of Americans with guns in their household feel safer.” Moreover, the younger the gun owners, the more likely they were to feel safe by having a gun in the home.

For example, “Seventy-three percent of adults under 40 feel safer with a gun in their home, compared to roughly 60% of older Americans.” And the feeling of safety derived from gun ownership is not just for men. Rasmussen says, “Majorities of both [men and women] are in agreement” regarding the safety resulting from gun ownership.

Regarding the NRA, poll results released December 8 showed that 61 percent of Americans agreed with the statement, “The NRA supports gun policies that make all Americans safer.”

Rasmussen made clear that the question did not present respondents with any particular NRA-supported policies, “But the organization is well-known – and frequently criticized by those seeking more gun control – as the strongest advocate of Americans’ gun rights.”

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