Saudi Prince Silent Amid Tweeted Jabs From Trump, Coulter and Stone


Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is ducking for cover amid a light barrage of tweeted jeers from Donald Trump, Ann Coulter and Roger Stone.

All dare to disagree with his royal decree on Friday that Trump exit the 2016 presidential race.

The decree was announced via twitter, by Alwaleed, because of his displeasure at Trump’s popular call for a temporary, conditional bar on additional Muslim immigration until U.S. government officials get a handle on the cause and cure for the murderous jihad attacks on ordinary Americans.

Trump landed the first response, jabbing Alwaleed for his supposed ties to U.S. politicians.

Stone jumped in, and used twitter — which is part-owned by the Saudi prince — to tout his new book which apparently suggests the prince was in business with the Bush family.

Stone’s tweet about his book suggests that the prince is going to come up again in the 2016 race, somewhere around Jan. 26. Late Sunday night, Stone landed another tweet.

On Saturday, Trump pushed again, by jabbing Saudi Arabia for its miserly and self-protective refusal to take in any of the Sunni Muslim refugees from chaotic, war-wracked Syria.

Then Ann Coulter provided some extra snark, highlighting the Saudis’ reluctance to destabilize their own country by inviting angry Syrian Arab Muslims to settle in Alwaleed’s weathly but unstable country.

Here’s the tweeted royal decree that started the mini-rebellion against the wealthy Saudi potentate and property investor.

Since Friday’s initial tweet, Alwaleed has not responded to the Americans’ derision. His initial tweet prompted 29,000 retweets and responses — including many that are critical of the prince and the Saudi ruling family.

For the record, in his press releases, Alwaleed shortens his title and genealogy to “High Royal Highness Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud,” which marks him as a member of the ruling Al Saud family.  


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