Mexican Media Reports Yet Another Mass Grave, Government Denies It

FILE - In this Oct. 6, 2014 file photo, clandestine graves are taped off after 28 bodies were found in them near Iguala, Mexico. Mass graves are regularly found around the country _ 11 bodies in August in Michoacan state, 19 others in Iguala just last May. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)
AP File Photo/Eduardo Verdugo

Mexican news outlets quoting whistle blowers in the Mexican State of Guerrero have reported the discovery of 19 bodies in a mass grave and another with 22 bodies. The Governor’s office in Guerrero has denied the discovery and issued a statement claiming that the information was false and that federal officials have not notified him of their searches.

On Tuesday, various news outlets reported that Mexican federal investigators had discovered the remains of 19 bodies in a rural area of Guerrero called Chichihualco near the city of Leonardo Bravo. The news articles were based off unnamed sources within a federal task force aimed at finding missing persons.

The search was carried out last week and into the weekend and other outlets reported the finding of another mass grave with 22 bodies.

Shortly after the news began to spread, the Guerrero State Government issued out a news release claiming that state officials had carried out an aerial search in order to locate the spot where Mexican federal authorities had discovered the bodies, but they did not find anything.

The news release by the Guerrero government also quotes a local mayor and local police chief who claim to not know anything about the case.

The Guerrero government did state in their news release that last week the Mexican military carried out an aerial search over the region last week  but they had not consulted with state officials.

In recent years, the State of Guerrero has been ground zero for a fierce war between various drug cartels who continue to fight over drug trafficking routes, drug production territories, and fields for growing marijuana and poppy plants.  The raging violence has cast a shadow over the state which is home to the resort city of Acapulco. The Mexican state has also drawn worldwide criticism over the disappearance and likely execution of 43 education students from the rural town of Ayotzinapa. As reported by Breitbart Texas, the students were kidnapped by local police and then turned over to cartel members. The government’s version of events claims that the cartel members executed the students and incinerated the bodies, however, various groups of scientists disproved the claims and Mexican investigative journalists claim that the case is, in fact, a state sanctioned hit.

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